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The Process

The Process

First, we start by learning about your unique goals and needs. We explore any past histories to discover preferences and dislikes or barriers that you have encountered in the past. At Greenberg Financial, our team prides itself on it’s innovative approach to difficult problems.

The discovery process of each client engagement is unique. Every business is different, and management often has different priorities. Often, we need to satisfy divergent objectives from different members of management


We start by evaluating your goals to determine how well your existing plan structure is meeting your target. We identify every element of your current plan design as it relates to your objectives. We break down the cost structure of each of your plan providers. We review any and all service issues, participation and deferral rates for both top level management and rank and file. And of course, we review the different investment choices available


After a complete evaluation of you current plan, we get to work analyzing how we can make your current situation better. At times we recommend one or more different service providers; often we can work with those that are working well for you. We will endeavor to meet management objectives in a cost effective way. We will strive to create efficiencies and improve communication and education


Once you have decided we are a match, Greenberg Financial Group will work with you for a smooth transition. We will coordinate the entire process to ensure all your needs are communicated, and your burdens on your staff will be minimized. We will provide enrollment and education meetings in a variety of formats, which include group and individual in-person meetings, phone calls, webinars, and video conferencing.

Ongoing Service

At some point while working with your retirement plan, you or one of your employees will have questions or need guidance. At any time you can contact us at Greenberg Financial Group, for personalized one-on-one advice on how to maximize you retirement plan.

We go beyond our role as Investment Advisor and take a proactive approach to keep you and your employees informed without spending unnecessary time deciphering financial jargon and struggling with vendors.